Why the Term ‘Blue Nose’ Pitbull

Those that are avid fans of pitbulls are going to find that there are several names that the pitbull can take on. There are those that are referred to as the all-around pitbull, however, more and more people are trying to find the ‘blue nose pitbull’ as their pitbull of choice. What makes the blue nose pitbull so special? There are several characteristics that people report as what they like about the blue nose pitbull. However, the most common is the fact that the pitbull does have a gray or blue hue to its coat and its nose. It should be understood that there is no official breed that is referred to as the blue nose pitbull. Most of the breeders out there simply use this as a way to find out what color the person is wanting. There is nothing that makes these dogs any different from the regular pitbull expect the color of their coat and their nose.

Why the Term Blue Nose Pitbull Why the Term Blue Nose PitbullWith that being said, the care for the blue nose pitbull is no different than a regular pitbull. People will find that they still require the same care such as the same types of food and exercise. However, it should be noted that given the different color of their coat, there are some things that the blue nose pitbull will experience. This is most commonly their coat becoming bald in certain points due to their dry skin. This can be alleviated through making sure that the skin is always moisturized, which can come from their food. Those that have this problem with their dogs often recommend that the dog have a raw food diet that is going to put in more moisture into their skin and ensure that the skin is properly hydrated. In addition, regularly brushing the coat and ensuring that the dog gets plenty of sunshine can also help this problem.

There are those people that find that the blue nose pitbull ends up having mange, which is readily treatable through going to the veterinarian and having this treated. Mange is spreadable to other dogs, thus this is something that the person should keep their own and make sure that they are containing. However, the mange is something that all breeds of dogs can contain; therefore, it is not something that every blue nose pitbull is going to get.

All in all, the blue nose pitbull if a favorite simply because it does have different coloring than the other pitbulls that are out there For those that are wanting a dog that is going to be loyal, a protector of the entire family and very affectionate, then the pitbull breed can be the dog for them. However, pitbulls are known for having various temperaments, which is something that has to be taken into consideration when getting one of these dogs with young children in the family. The best method to ensure that the pitbull that you love is going to fit well is to have a temperament test performed to see how the dog reacts under pressure. This can be a way to ensure that the dog will fit into your family easily. 

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