Blue Nose Pitbull can be as friendly as any other dog

The Blue Nose Pitbull has lately become a very popular type of pitbull. The public demand for them has increased mostly due to its particular coloring  When talking about pibulls the first thing that comes to mind to many people is violence however there is much more to these dogs than just aggressiveness and attacks. These are dogs that need to be looked after as much as if not more than other dog breeds and once they are shown how to socialize and how they can go around other dos without being afraid, they can be as friendly as any other dog.

When one chooses this type of pitbull, he chooses to enter into a relationship which requires a lot of work. However apart from the socialization that needs a lot of working on there are other things that are important for the new owner to focus on especially when it comes to food and exercise. One of the most important things to remember is that puppies of Pitbulls require to be fed frequently. When they are still puppies they need small hourly snacks usually consisting of fruit and vegetables. When feeding the Blue Nose Pit Bull one has to make sure not to give them seeds such as apple cores because these could cause problems later on.

As they grow older they prefer raw foods. This type of food tends to keep these dogs happier, make their skin and coats better as well as improves their digestive system. Thus these dogs prefer to eat food such as meat and vegetables. Dry food is another option which many owners prefer. As long as this food is meant for this type of dog and is mixed with some wet food it can still be beneficial to the dog. Unlike puppies adult blue nose pitbulls may eat once in the morning and another in the evening.

Blue nose pitbulls are meant to be lean and muscular. In order to achieve this, these dogs need to have regular exercise. These dogs are known for their excessive energy and therefore exercise can help in releasing some of it. Unless the owner is after lean looking muscles in the dog any regular exercise will do. While doing this regular exercise the dog should be left free to familiarize with other dogs. Familiarization is essential for Blue nose pitbulls since it makes them aware that there is nothing to be afraid of and consequently it makes them less irritable and violent.

Once the Blue nose pitbull is given all the necessary love and attention he is the best pet one could have. Though more irritable by nature these dogs need to be taken care of and shown how to behave around other dogs and persons. When opting for a bull nose pitbull one has to make sure to feed him the proper food and provide the proper exercise while teaching him how to socialize  These three elements guarantee a lovable dog that knows how to behave around everyone.

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